Profound Changes

Writer Mariam Hamid confronts the pressures adulting, in what she insists is a purely fictional account.


An Ode To Math: Calculating My Worth

Poet and activist Aisha Ali offers an insightful poetic piece on finding and embracing your individuality and quirks.

Layla Mkhayber: Poetry Anthology

A powerful piece by poet and activist Layla Mkhayber, originally performed at Bankstown Poetry Slam in May 2017. The piece is an exploration of the modern Muslim identity and womanhood in patriarchal society. It looks at what it means to exist in a world that is constantly trying to erase you suppress you or misrepresent you.

Desperate Apologies

Exhausted and confused within the current political climate, Muslim youth are aching for direction and simply tired of their supposed ‘leaders' and ‘authority figures' falling head over heels to apologise for anything and everything.    

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